Advanced Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools
Business Intelligence Tools

As businesses adopt technology more and more, information and data regarding the business not only grows in number but they can tap this new useful and relevant data to improve the performance of the business through Business Analytics and Business Analytics

With the help of business intelligence tools, users can identify the behavior of customers, enhance business efficiency and visibility besides gathering data from the business environment which facilitates taking effective decisions.

Business Analytics Tools are software apps that read and process data and subsequently store them in data warehouses. Such tools cannot be done without if you want to recover, analyze, and transform the data. Further users can also create dashboards that are easily managed and help in the generation of BI reports.

Some more advanced and important BI tools are:

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics
Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics and self-service platform for BI and analytics lets users create insightful dashboards. It also makes a visual analysis of any type of data. Equipped with an AI assistant, users can also ask questions and get answers as meaningful reports. Standout features of the platform are:

  • You can readily connect most of the more popular business apps, databases and cloud drives out there.
  • Visualization possibilities are of a wide variety and you can choose from pivot tables, charts, KPI widgets, summary views and even dashboards with custom themes.
  • Get integrated business analytics derived from the analysis of data sourced from a wide spectrum of business apps.
  • Make use of augmented analytics through AI and machine learning-driven intelligent assistants that can respond to natural language queries.
  • Provide white label solutions BI or analytics portals and embedded analytics.

2. SAS

  • This SAS is an Advanced Analytics Tool and is famed for its ability to ensure that the right people can access the right information at an appropriate time.
  • The tool serves as a quality connection between the various sources of data and the end-users of the system.
  • Keeping business data secure is another important feature along with its ability to identify security issues and resolve the same.
  • It has support for centralized governance, metadata, visualization of data and scalability.
  • It makes real-time analysis available and enables users to carry out self-service reporting.

3. Web-FOCUS


Through this propriety commercial tool, the right user gets the right information.

  • The BI solutions provided by the firm are not only robust but easily managed and compiled as well.
  • It serves to make data available to clients, companies and managers through its Info Apps that stand out because of their ease of use.
  • It comes equipped with advanced integration of data and point-to-click-analytics.
  • The software suite consists of Rsat, Info-Discovery, and Report-Caster.

4. Business Objects

Business Objects

This BI platform from SAP which proves its use in the sharing of BI information across the business organization.

  • It facilitates the improvement of autonomy among business users through exposure and access to business data to them.
  • Results in the easy consumption of information which speeds up the decision-making process.
  • Deploys and optimizes IT resources faster and integrates closely with IT infrastructure.
  • Diminishes workload and enhances responsiveness.

5. IBM Cognos


This is an online propriety integrated BI software suite that has IBM as its developers.

  • It facilitates getting effective insights and serves as a toolset for data reporting and its analysis.
  • Users can create their dashboards and access the data related information irrespective of their location.
  • You also get cloud support and complete data governance along with the ability to generate offline and online reports with ease.
  • The software suite also has a complementary mobile app with which users can access the information through mobile devices too.

6. Micro Strategy

Micro Strategy

This yet another propriety free tool with insights based on data which can answer different business questions with real swiftness.

  • This tool lets you mine data and visualizes the same for online deployment.
  • It comprises the functionalities and features of several applications and can generate reports from the information.
  • It improves business productivity and cost-effectiveness and also enables cloud support through integration with AWS.
  • The desktop-based tool variant is free but if you wish to get the enterprise version for being deployed in the client, it will cost you.

7. Pentaho


This commercial BI tool is an open-source, though it is commercial and emphasizes accurate business decision making based on data.

  • This tool also gives you cloud support besides delivering interactive analytics.
  • The tool is equipped with rich navigation and data visualization features.
  • One can integrate the platform with big data, predictive data analytics, and data mining.
  • With this tool, users can gather and manage data from several dynamic sources and lets you make insights from big data.
  • Pentaho allows the user to collect and manage data from multiple dynamic sources and helps to turn big data into insights.

8. Microsoft BI

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI

This is yet another propriety BI platform, this time from Microsoft that integrates with many apps and to process analytical data.

  • The platform is powerful and noted for its analysis, reporting, and master data services.
  • Some BI features of this software are only available in the SharePoint tool and include features like Power View and PowerPivot.
  • You get interactive reports that you can use in PowerPivot.




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Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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