Advanced Cyber Security Innovations and Updates For 2020

Latest cybersecurity technology trends

Cyber Security Updated For 2020 — Great Learning
Cyber Security Updated For 2020

As technology is advancing rapidly, the IT sector and computer security are becoming more fragile and prone to risks and threats. Going much beyond their regular activities, the attackers are innovating their approach to steal much complex data and information. Right from credentials to misconfiguring cloud data, cyber security attacks are making life tough for people in the IT sector. The vendor and regulatory landscape too have seen major changes in recent times. The European Union has been imposing vigorous data privacy regulations since 2018, while California will do the same since January 2020. Experts estimate that IT specialists will be aware of most of the vulnerabilities that will take place in 2020 and that organizations must focus on fixing these known vulnerabilities.

Here is the list of the latest cybersecurity updates and innovations to watch out for in 2020.

  1. Improved Automation in Cyber Security :
Automation in Cyber Security
Automation in Cyber Security

Automation is becoming a key factor in the IT sector as it presents a substantial advantage in cyber security. According to a recent survey regarding automation tools, many people are already using them and many more plan to use them in the future. Automation also makes it easy for IT companies to reduce the workload of their staff. However, even automation requires skilled staff who can have a proper introduction to cyber security which will help them create and manage software, which can make life easier for the organization.

2. Increased Expenditure on Cyber Security : Organizations are increasingly spending to upgrade their cyber security with all the innovation and the latest cyber security technology. According to a report of the IDC, spending on cybersecurity innovations has been around $103 billion in 2019, which is 9.4% higher than the previous year. This trend is expected to continue further as IT companies are investing heavily in improving their security solutions. In the US, the overall expected spending is estimated to be around $45 billion in the year 2019.

3. Use of AI for attacking and defending breaches : Attackers are likely to make use of artificial intelligence in cyber security when executing their activities. With the help of AI, automated systems can detect any wrongdoings and safeguard the systems that can be hacked. Similarly, attackers can use AI to make phishing and other attacks which cannot be easily detected. Apart from attacks, AI has many positive aspects when it comes to defending security breaches. Most of the risk identification systems use AI to detect new threats. More than attackers, defenders can use AI to make their systems protected and avoid vulnerabilities. AI can also be used as a trial and error method to conduct pre-defined attacks, monitor them and come up with solutions that can help organizations to prepare themselves to face any kind of attack in the future.

4. Creation of Public Infrastructure : Utilities are important for the creation of a pioneering economy, making them very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Utilities give important context to several agencies and individuals around the world. However, most of these still work on outdated software. The possibilities of downtime and service interferences increase when experts try to fix their issues. Also, this infrastructure is prone to risks which hackers can use smartly to steal valuable information.

5. Development of 5G : 2019 has been a year that has witnessed tremendous growth of 5G networks, and the infrastructure has increased manifolds. In the coming months, it is expected that 5G IoT gadgets can directly connect with the 5G network rather than through a Wi-Fi router. In the case of direct attacks, these gadgets could become highly vulnerable. Even for IoT devices that have home clients, it will become difficult screening them as they will bypass a central router. Hosting a large volume of data on cloud storage could also give hackers new areas to breach in to.

6. Risk to data in transit : The data available in routers and other IoT centers is increasingly becoming vulnerable to attacks by hackers. Sensitive information like bank card details, certifications, and other confidential data can be hacked by malware that can be easily embedded in a router. IT experts must recommend organizations to store limited data so that it doesn’t become vulnerable to attacks. However, hackers are most likely to advance their skills and keep trying out new methods to steal data and information at the transit stage.

7. Increased threat to MSPs : 2019 saw MSPs coming under increased attacks and their tools faced breaches that were used to manage customer IT systems. Even prominent IT companies faced phishing attacks and employee data got compromised. The leaked data was used by hackers to launch serious attacks on innocent individuals. It was estimated that the hackers used tools to gain a deeper connection into the customer networks. MSPs are usually trusted in the client’s networks, so it can easily be expected that hackers will continue with their activities and use MSPs to hack customer data in the coming year as well.

8. Risk to supply chain : Software supply chain face attacks on a regular basis by hackers. Usually, the hackers embed malware into software bundles at their regular distribution area. Hackers might conduct such attacks when the supply chain is created by a vendor or when it is given by a third-party provider. Attackers usually corrupt the program updates so that it quickly reaches the vulnerable and their data can be hacked.

9. Cloud Threat : Cloud-based storage has been a subject of regular attacks by hackers who have stolen sensitive data, including bank details, personal information, etc. Experts claim that in the year 2020, the new deals for cloud-based access security brokers will come with a secure web gateway, network firewall, and web application firewall. There are still concerns about client migration to bundling buys and the cloud. It becomes crucial for organizations to understand whether investing in cloud-based access security brokers is logical and fruitful.

10. Increased demand for online cyber security courses :

Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program by Great Learning
Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program by Great Learning

In recent times, the cyber security courses have witnessed a massive upsurge and people from the IT field are keen to take up those courses. However, the growing demand for these courses isn’t getting fulfilled through university-affiliated courses. There are hardly any colleges or institutions that are offering courses like cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Professional Training Institutes like Great Learning offer such courses and will go a long way in filling the learning gaps in the IT industry.

Professionals from the IT field will find these cyber security topics very interesting and it will help them improve their cyber security basics and other concepts related to the domain.




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Technology Trends

Technology Trends

Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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