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Isn’t it something very new and strange, that almost more than 70% of the world have been staying indoors and living in their houses with restrictions on not to go outside for quite some time now? Not everyone is used to staying indoors. Looking ahead to do useful and productive stuff would be something that everyone will be interested in. On that note, how would it be if you could take free skill development courses that could benefit not only your quarantined time, but also your career? What if you develop the right technical skills for your passionate dream to work in the field of Information Technology? What if your job hunting process after this could be more satisfying considering the fact you are talented and have the right skills for the right job? Here you are the right place for that. Get yourself enrolled with the free online courses by Great Learning.

So, What is this all about ?

  • Staying at home, you can choose from a variety of courses that provides you with Great learning and exposure on various technological topics.
  • All these courses would be self-paced i.e., suitable for your learning speed with no time duration to complete the courses.
  • You can also enroll into any number of courses as you wish.
  • The course would be a compilation of videos and lectures related to the topic and at the end of the topic you would be given an assignment and quiz submission which would be based on what you have been learning.
  • On successful completion, you would be provided with a certificate of completion within 24 hours from completion.

This would definitely be very crucial while finding employment opportunities based on your qualification. Who would not want a person who has all the technical skills needed for the jobs along with a passion to work? Seems much effortless, right? Yes, it definitely is very simple.

Who would these courses be suitable for?

These courses are suitable for all the students, graduates and professionals who have been pursuing their careers in the field of data sciences, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, marketing/finance and many more. Wondering whether how it would be if all such courses would be free? Wonder no more, because, you are right, all these courses are absolutely free of cost. All you need is an effective internet connection, zeal to learn and explore and of course, time to spare.

What are all types of courses available?

So, there are various courses available on different technological based subjects. These are elaborated and explained as follows –

1.Data Science Courses

To get the best data science courses, here you are at the right place. To give a short brief about the subject; data science is the synthesis of tools, algorithms, maths, business intelligence and machine learning. In short, it is a subject that helps in the analysis of data that provides with the understanding of a business and helps in making important business decisions. Some of the courses available on this subject that is suitable for beginners would be –

  • Introduction to R : Gives an understanding about the programming language R that enables the learner to understand about R functions, Debugs, R commands, profile R code, etc.
  • Data Visualization using Tableau : Understanding data using visualized method like charts, graphs and other visual analytical methods.
  • Financial Risk Analytics : To get to know the risks in the market for a business is quite critical and this course provides with the right tools and skills to do that.
  • Marketing and Retail Analysis : Provide with the technical know-how to have a potential knowledge about the market and analysis of retail. Exclusively gives an understanding about a famous marketing technique, Recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM).

For intermediate learners, here are the data science and analytics courses available :

  • Statistical Methods For Decision Making : Solving important business problems with the help of using numerical data available and analyzing it using statistics is what this course is all about.
  • Predictive Modelling and Analytics : Wouldn’t it be great if you have the potential skills to predict the future of the business with the help of appropriate data model and analytical tools? And that is what this course would be all about.

2. Machine Learning Courses

Without being programmed, a machine gets to learn automatically from its analytical data. This is the common explanation for what machine learning is all about. Rest guaranteed that you get easily get into high paying jobs with the technical knowledge and being a kingpin in machine learning. So, the artificial intelligence and machine learning courses available for beginners based on machine learning are -

  • Python For Machine Learning : To make production use effective in algorithms, python is the programming language used. The two important elements of Python covered under this course would be — Pandas and NumPy.
  • Statistics For Machine Learning : Hypothesis testing, Statistical distribution, Bayes theorem and other basic statistics are some of the skills that could be learnt from this course.

Some of the Great Learning Academy Online Courses for intermediate level on machine learning are :

  • Data Visualization using Python : Doing data analysis using Python and making use of data visualization techniques to better understand the data is a skill that is most demanded by many companies and this course trains you in this skill.
  • Machine Learning Foundations : Would you want to learn about the most favored technique of Machine learning that encompasses algorithms based on supervised learning like Naïve Bayes and KNN? This is perfect course for you to learn that.

3. Artificial Intelligence Based Courses

Everything today in the field of technology is based on Artificial Intelligence. With that being said, who would be able to resist a person who is technically and well skilled in AI? Some of the courses available for the users are –

  • Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning : Suitable for users at intermediate skill level, Data may not always be of the same type. Diverse data and complex problems are difficult to be analyzed and Deep learning is the right tool used to resolve such problems. Working right as effective as a human brain, you will be learning about basics and application of deep learning in this course.
  • Computer Vision Essentials : Most relevant for users with advanced skill level and having a basic understanding of Python and Neural Network, this course provides you with an understanding about digital imagery. You could equip your skills on Convolution, Transfer learning, motion capture, optical capture recognition, etc.

4. IT and Software Courses

Courses and basic skills based on the existing Information Technology field and software are commonly demanded today. Mostly suitable for the beginners, some of the courses available in this subject are :

  • Introduction to Full Stack Development : If you have spent sleepless night dreaming to be a full stack developer, then this is the right course for you. The learnings will majorly be on HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Introduction to Information Security : In collaboration with Stanford Centre for Professional Development, this course provides you with the basics about information security and upcoming advancements in this field. Additionally, you will also get to learn about cryptography and applications of information security in this course.

5. Cloud Computing Based Courses

Cloud Computing is a unique platform where companies could have their complete storage of databases, power sources, networks and many more. So, the following courses are designed in a way to various elements of cloud computing. The cloud computing online courses available are :

  • Cloud Foundations : This course is highly relevant for beginners who wish to learn about the basics of cloud computing, evolution and the history of cloud computing. This course also provides with the virtualization-based learning with regard to cloud computing.
  • Cloud Computing with AWS :Being one of the most popularly used cloud platform, AWS is used in this course to elaborate on the Storage, Network, Identity and Access Management. Practical application of such elements is also taught in this course.
  • Microsoft Azure Essentials : Microsoft Azure is one of the top experts in the field of cloud computing. Some of the skills that you could learn from this course would be Azure landscape, Azure Analytics, Azure API management, Azure Cognitive services, etc.

6. Marketing and Finance Courses

Not only courses based on technology, there are a variety of courses available based on marketing and finance that could help you in understanding the current trends in markets. Some of the best business intelligence and analytics course are :

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing : As one among the best advanced digital marketing course, this course covers various concepts of digital advertising, Facebook marketing and strategies for reaching the perfect audience for a product or service.
  • Business Finance Foundations : This course provides you with an overview about the accounting and financial components that is of vital importance in running a business. It also helps you to analyze financial statements and arrive at business conclusions.
  • Marketing Foundations : To understand about the current marketing trends and the basic of marketing like strategies involved, marketing mix, life cycle of a product, etc. are covered in this course. Insights on the satisfaction of customer and how to enable the customer to maintain loyalty is also given.

7. Big Data Based Courses

Making use of specialized concepts and tools, big data is used to perform tasks based on the larger quantity of data. The course provided based on big data are :

  • Mastering Big data Analytics : Being suitable for beginners, this course covers a vast dimension about big data. Staring with basic introduction about the subject, it is followed by tools and technologies of big data like Hive, Yarn, MapReduce, etc. Following this, further learnings are on the Spark framework and data formats like Avro, Protocol buffers, XML, etc.

Other Courses

Certain other courses that are provided for the users are :

  • Live Master Class : This is a live course where the industry expert lecturer or instructor comes live at a stipulated time to teach about a specific concept. Almost all live master class courses are for a time period of one hour. Some of these master class include how to ace coding interview, data structures and algorithms in Java, advanced cyber security course, etc.
  • Comprehensive courses like data science with python, machine learning with python and statistics for data sciences are also available.
  • Apart from courses, there are also various industry data science case studies on fields like healthcare, Insurance, marketing and retail, HRM, etc.

So, these are some of the course available that could help you grow as a professional in your field and thus, opening up new job vacancy much suitable for your skills. Making use of such courses in this time would definitely be of great benefit to you.




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Technology Trends

Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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