Future of Cloud Computing : The Never-Ending Career Opportunities

The Rising Demand for the Domain of Cloud Computing Courses

Future of Cloud Computing
Future of Cloud Computing

There was a point in time when Netflix’s territory was very limited. Back then, Netflix was providing its services by mailing DVDs to its customers. Now, the trend has become obsolete and will disappear in the next few years. This has become possible as Netflix started offering its services via Cloud. This has become true in the case of other content providers like Amazon, Hulu, etc., Recently Disney has stepped into the market and the competition has become intense. More competitors are expected to start their business in the market. This would eventually lead to the need for more Cloud Engineering professionals. The demand for Cloud computing professionals is expected to rise in the future as more organizations tend to take advantage of Cloud computing services.

As the technologies are getting advanced at a rapid pace, more professions are arriving in the market. A professional with Cloud computing expertise may pursue a wide variety of roles.

Payscale Offered in the Domain of Cloud Computing

The domain of Cloud Computing stands as one among the very few that offer the highest paid job roles in the country. A Cloud computing professional makes around 12–30 lakh per annum in the country. The average pay scale offered in this domain in India is estimated as 10 lakh per annum.

Below are the most prominent job roles of Cloud Computing domain :

1. Cloud Computing Architect :

The role of a Cloud Architect is not an easy one. A Cloud Architect should be able to boost the development along with the implementation initiatives to guarantee that all systems are well secured, reliable and supportable, Architects also help with achieving business goals that are constrained to budget. The prerequisite for this role is possessing a degree in Computer science or a related degree. Possessing a cloud architect certification always adds great value to your profile.

2. Senior Cloud Consultant :

The responsibility of a Senior Cloud Consultant is to have an open and new relationship with the environment building solutions that are agreeable among other professionals. He/she will also be responsible for having a comprehensive plan which needs to be backed up by a business case. The candidate will also be responsible for facilitating events and choose the necessary tool for validating the business. A degree in Business administration will also do for this role.

3. Cloud Software Application Engineer :

A cloud software application engineer must possess a master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science or a relevant field. Candidates must have 5 years of experience which should be analogous to distributing programming models. Some companies expect a good knowledge of software development for this role. Professionals seeking after this role must be well-versed with basics like Linux Kernel, software development environment, debugging skills, familiarity and experience with network topologies. Candidates also need to be enthusiastic about social media networking for this role.

4. Cloud Solutions Executive :

Working as a cloud solutions executive will make you slog like no other. You have a huge range of responsibilities here. Firstly you have to be able to qualify the security solutions, have excellent cloud computing services as well as be able to identify those which are driving to the enterprise. You have to be able to participate in some of the local IT groups and develop business plans as well. It is also crucial to leverage all the solutions as well as the resources so that you can exceed the value expectations of the customer.

5. Cloud Software Engineer :

A Cloud Software Engineer is responsible for designing software models that can be distributed. The candidate will also be responsible for software development. Cloud software engineers integrate several cloud service platforms. Experience is a mandate when it comes to the infrastructure of Cloud computing, experience with SOA technologies as well as able to provide an estimated time for the development of software modules. Most companies expect the candidates to have a degree in software engineering with a few years of professional experience for this role.

6. Cloud Sales Representative :

Being a part of the cloud sales team expects you to be a cloud sales representative, cloud sales consultant or even a cloud sales manager. In this, you will have to grow and develop on the cloud business with the help of professionals of C level and some of the enterprise-level customers. Also since you are a part of the business field you will be expected to travel around 50%. If you think you can handle something as strenuous as that, then you may take up this job. However, you will have to have a degree in business administration with about 5 years of experience.

7. Cloud Services Developer :

To start your career as a Cloud services developer, you should be able to build and design a platform that includes sales interfaces as well as the management portal. This role also expects you to possess a degree in Computer Science with at least 5 years of experience. You must be able to operate with SOA platforms and have good working experience with Agile methodology, Java, Python, C++, etc

As technology progresses, more organizations adopt this technology. The outburst of this technology will lead to the inception of new requirements along with new professions in the same area. There are ample opportunities for candidates who seek to learn this technology, Candidates may enroll in Cloud computing course at top-notch institutions. Candidates must be wise in choosing institutes for learning Cloud computing technology. Considering the demand for Cloud computing course, there are many institutions that are claiming to offer courses. However, not all institutions promise the good quality of the course and present the course in its totality. At Great Learning, We promise the best quality of course along with a great curriculum that enables individuals to face their future as Cloud computing professionals. Besides, the Cloud computing course also equips individuals to crack certification exams for AWS, Azure that adds value to your profile. Great learning offers Cloud computing online courses that are the best fit for working professionals. For more information, please contact us via email info@greatlearning.in.




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Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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