Most Important Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

Most Important Business Intelligence Trends For 2020
Most Important Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

In the world of business or more specifically analytics, the main subject of discussions revolves around business intelligence (BI), BI apps and analytical devices. BI is becoming increasingly swift and precise about its reports while the analysis of data increases in its vigor and forecasting essentials undergo transformations and develop by leaps and bounds.

The number of companies leveraging BI insights to aid whatever process they have in place for taking decisions is on the upsurge. The last couple of years have been eventful for BI systems that have undergone several enhancements and important advancements.

BI is gaining new aspects to its practice, and BI environments are increasingly becoming multifaceted. Business Intelligence trends and improvements in the market along with their proof are critical factors in decision making. As a result, businesses must make use of the latest methods and innovations in the field to keep up with competing businesses in terms of digitization and competition.

With little further ado, let’s discuss the top BI trends all set to dominate 2020:


As per Gartner, by the year 2020, it will be possible to automate over 40% of all tasks associated with data science, thus resulting in better profits. This is in line with what is being played out in the field with BI vendors trying to automate bulk portions of Business Analytics procedures. Along with that, as more and more businesses realize the value of BI, the demand for data scientists and data analysts is gaining from strength to strength.

Another aspect of BI that makes automation even more necessary is the lack of data analytics skills. Companies need to carry out with significantly fewer assets, and in this context, automation lets them cut the time and effort on value opportunities.

Creating Actionable Insights

In contrast to the present role of AI in business organizations where AI just collects and stores data, we will put the former into use in providing actionable insights.

For small and medium businesses, augmented analytics will prevent the critical need for data scientists. Businesses need not invest time and effort and money in the analysis of raw data with augmented analytics. AI will let organizations act on key insights.

These abilities will extend to large datasets, too, in 2020. With the combination of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) augmented analytics-enabled devices to understand and associate data on their own. AI facilitates independent detection of data system anomalies irrespective of the dataset nature, i.e. its size and facets. All organizations need to do is only to provide the raw data.

Data Governance

Managing data is becoming more critical regarding BI tools thanks to the increasing number of data sources and their intricacies. In the present business culture, which is driven by data, the latter more often than not lays out the premises on which they base business choices. If the data is of low quality or inaccurate, the resultant business decisions can bring about disaster for the business. Through data governance, only a particular person will have access to and approach data. This serves to make the data reliable progressively, resulting in better and more accurate business choices.

The year that has just passed us witnessed many publicized breaks in data which resulted in data governance being catapulted to the center stage of data management conversations.

Integrated Capabilities

With businesses, often immediate decisions can be as critical and long-term strategies. In its absence, organizations lack fundamental efficiency. This causes business applications to incorporate analytics abilities and content.

These embedded analytics are all poised to be a dominant BI pattern in 2020. It will help businesses to operate more intelligently through including data analytics into the existing business framework in the form of ERPs, financial programming, CRMs, and marketing automation.

Increasing AI Adoption

AI has already become a part and parcel of a modern business organization. Companies make use of AI to enhance business productivity and improve decision making. BI tools break down historical data and performance. This is then put into use by data analysts to compile reports for use by managers in taking decisions. With the help of advances in AI development, BI is shifting to a more proactive approach to analytics.

Digital Professionals Will Find New Opportunities

Another interesting development set to take place is that employees will access visualizations of work processes and data and benchmarking reports through digital assistants. This is in contrast to them creating the same as it is now. Further, with the help of NLP and AI, voice assistants like Alexa and Siri will translate languages and convert the same into structured data ready for analysis to generate insights.

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

Through BI tools, new data is brought to the attention of end clients in a clear, simple and easy-to-understand manner. This makes following up on the same straightforward and simple. Further, the data is used while determining new processes that might make the business more competitive besides ensuring the success of projects.

BI serves to assemble data and provide a comprehensive view of the business through its reports, charts, and outlines from the data derived from different sources of information. This year businesses can expect to enhance productivity, increase screen sales and better logistics through a broad analysis of data. This analysis will be inclusive of intricate perception and intuitive reporting of the data.

Diversification of Jobs Related to Data

As the volume and use of data increases, data related job profiles will expand to the different sectors of industries. This will lead to new data-related job positions like data ambassadors, data project managers and even data translators. Collectively, they will need to meet personnel demand and specialize in big data-related fields. It makes this a great time for professionals and students to pursue a business intelligence course.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a field that is undergoing deep democratization. This is shaping up in two different paths. One is AI, ML, and NLP, which is becoming more and more omnipresent. The commercialization of such AI facilitated solutions is growing exponentially benefitting businesses of all sizes.

Goals oriented businesses need no longer make expensive BI technology and setting up data authority related investments. The year is all set to make the education of information fundamentals an important part of training programs for employees and L&D.

Overall Efficiency

This year is all poised to set the stage for businesses to realize the benefits BI provides to the staff for the end of making better choices, satisfy employees and finances and provide an analysis that goes deep. Business intelligence tools will quantify marketing more and unveil its mystery while eliminating wrong assumptions.

We will base business decisions in 2020 of confirmed facts that provide businesses with the vision of client cooperation and the best way to reach out to them with the end of a better experience for the customer and increased loyalty and retention of consumers.




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Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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