The Importance of Cloud Technology

Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Before we actually learn about the importance of Cloud Computing, let us understand what is Cloud Computing.
Cloud computing is a technology that offers the high in demand services such as storage space, applications, software tools and many more.

Although Cloud computing is a newbie to the market, it has gained enormous demand and popularity in recent years. This certainly made other tools to take their wheels off. To explore the reasons for the importance of cloud computing, we have to consider the benefits Cloud computing offers.

1. Prevent Software Piracy
Software piracy has been a relentless battle for most companies. After spending a big share of Revenue on certain software, companies are being exploited through piracy which is causing a great loss. Cloud computing provides a solution to address this issue and saves companies from experiencing financial loss. Companies can choose to stop selling software for download or offline distribution. Rather, companies can provide the same services through the internet and charge customers on a monthly or yearly basis. This inevitably increases profit and product value.

2. Reduces The Cost of Business
By adopting Cloud computing infrastructure, companies can conduct the cost of conducting business. Companies can store, backup the data and launch a private cloud network by using the existing infrastructure of Cloud computing. Companies do not need to purchase new storage devices. For example, Netflix is using Amazon Web Services for providing services to its consumers rather than buying a completely new infrastructure. This cuts costs for companies. This is much needed for small firms that cannot afford new infrastructure.

3. Increases Productivity :
Massive software applications require a great deal of setup and configuration. This process is intense and consumes a lot of time. With the help of Cloud computing, thousands of consumers can access the same application or service without the need for installing and configuring on individual machines. Consumers need not worry about the maintenance of these applications either. Hence, they can focus completely on the progress of work which inevitably increases productivity.

4. Keeps Things Simple :
With the advent of Cloud computing, Consumers can opt-out of the need for additional devices when consumers desire to share information and data through files of various formats. Since sharing of these files happens over the internet, the process becomes faster and efficient saving both time and infrastructure. Consumers do not need to worry about the memory for storing files. Rather they can depend on the services and meet the same requirement through access cloud computing services. From the perspective of an organization, cloud computing provides solutions to track the progress of employees.

5. Ample Storage Options :
The use of physical devices like Flash Drive, HDD, and Computers limits the amount of data that can be consumed by the user. It is expensive to afford computers or Hard disks that have a high capacity of 2 GB or higher. Cloud computing offers an alternative in this situation. Consumers can access free storage space until a certain threshold and beyond that consumers can choose to pay for additional storage space. The storage space is faster and efficient even if the storage limit is about to exhaust. This is contrary to conventional storage methods.

6. Automatic Maintenance :
Automation in the current era is the most sought after solution in any situation. With the combination of automation in Cloud computing, companies can boost the maintenance of servers. This is effective as this approach does not require manual labor. Automation saves both time and money for a company. For example, if you host a website on a cloud server and buy an auto-scaling plan then when the website’s traffic grows at a certain time of the day then it will scale up the bandwidth and size of the server for users to access the website without delays.

Considering the role of Cloud computing in many use cases, companies are considering building their own Cloud computing solutions to avoid paying for external cloud services. Hence, companies are in dire need of finding appropriate talent for developing such solutions. It is an impeccable time for professionals to move towards this booming technology. You can start off your career through learning the preliminary skills through institutions available out there. Great learning is a great option for candidates who are seeking to learn Cloud computing. Great learning offers Cloud Computing Online Courses that are affordable and designed to cover all topics that are taught by faculty with outstanding profiles. Our course equips Candidates to crack major AWS, Azure certifications. These certifications do not merely add value to the resume rather they demonstrate the expertise of an individual. You can refer to our website for more details. You may contact us through our email for more information on the Cloud Computing Course.




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Technology Trends

Technology Trends

Tech-Blog that keeps updating pieces of information about the latest technologies & top trending career opportunities for graduates & professionals

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