Top 10 Most Important SEO Strategies For 2020

Latest SEO Strategies and Techniques

Advanced SEO strategies
Advanced SEO strategies

SEO has essentially become one of the most sought-after skills in today’s ever-so-booming industry. You see companies, businesses, tech sectors, small and medium sector businesses, even businesses from various other domains tap into digital marketing as a viable tool to market themselves. The sources to learn are innumerable now, we have SEO courses, best digital marketing courses, advanced digital marketing courses, strategic digital marketing courses and even some of the best online digital marketing courses as well.

We can see that the importance of digital marketing is essentially giving rise to digital marketing jobs across multiple sectors. This also gives rise to the latest SEO trends and even strategies that would be employed so that companies would be able to take benefit from it. This article will mainly focus on some of the top digital marketing strategies which would be beneficial for you in the year 2020.

It must be known that the future of digital marketing for your company would entirely depend on how best you are able to adapt well, and how best you would then be able to make use of these strategies as your own. Then again, these strategies would also help you out with getting prospective clients and customers through appropriate search results.

Best SEO Strategies for 2020

Let us now have a look at some of the best SEO Strategies for the year 2020 in some detail,

  1. Snippets Are Now Dominating Increased Search Clicks

Google has dominated the world of internet marketing by a fair amount, and even that is an understatement. The Company did strive to provide users and companies with a better user search experience. One of these features that have helped in this quest would be the Featured Snippets.

These snippets appear on the very first organic result that comes through after a search criterion has been entered in the box. It is essential that users take advantage of this feature and ensure that more clicks will drive clients to the website. Snippets are mainly adjudged based on the quality and Google is the last decider as to who gets it. It should be known that about 50% of clicks come from Snippets, resulting in half of the search engine clicks.

2. Influencer To Be Used For SEO

Influencers For SEO
Increase Web Traffic By Influencer Marketing

There are times when clients would feel irritated by the continuous pop-ups and ads coming on their website. They are looking for something that would ensure a level of trust and bond towards the SEO company. It is therefore important that they have social media influencers work for the advertisement.

Times are changing and digital marketing companies are upping their investment on these influencers considerably. It is imperative to be done by small and medium level enterprises as well because a personal touch can work wonders if you want to sell the product to the masses. If you are putting a decent amount of investment into influencer marketing, you are sure to get good results.

3. Mandatory To Have Secure Websites

Security is one of the essential aspects when it comes to the latest trends in digital marketing. Although it might seem that it is not related to SEO, it is important that no compromise is done on the part of security. If users are not even feeling safe to access and browse through your website, you would not be able to convert this client at all.

It is therefore important that you have the necessary web protocols activated before making your website live for public usage. Websites should always be HTTPS-enabled, and this is standardized by Google. Password protection and other security options must also be enabled. You must also keep in mind the many weaknesses of the websites, and companies must ensure that they are secure.

4. Optimizing Websites For Voice Searching

Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search

Voice searching is essentially the future of digital marketing in every sense because every device and application is now configured and enabled with voice search options. The increased usage of mobiles has essentially given rise to this trend and even SEO is adapting to this.

Voice searches are a contributing factor with respect to SEO and users browsing through the website must also have the ability to search anything through this feature. But after the enablement of this feature, even search engines must do a set of tasks to get the required information. We can expect 2020 to be a year when voice searches change the landscape of the SEO industry.

5. Rankings To Be Determined By Mobile UX

If your website is not compatible with your smartphone, then you will definitely lose half of your users there and then. This is one of those digital marketing strategies that must be adopted by every single organization, small or big. Since the concentration of smartphone users are a lot in this whole wide world, it is essential that companies must also go mobile.

There are some of the things which must be kept in mind when you are creating the website for mobile users. For instance, the website must be easy to use and not contain more buttons than actually necessary. Official studies indicate that clients conduct more searches on their smartphones than their desktop computers. This is why it should be mobile-first for SEO in 2020.

6. Videos Are a Great Information Source

Similar to voice searches, videos are a great source of information if the clients need to know more about the specific product or service the website is offering to them. The audience of today would prefer to have video services for academic and other purposes rather than physical materials. But what has this got to do with SEO even?

It is important to know that videos can act as a very viable tool to make things understand as compared to content. Plus, there is a high possibility that users would choose to see videos more than other content. Optimization must be done for the websites for the users, therefore. Companies must ensure that many and more people would be able to look into the videos and increase the range to which it reaches.

7. CTR and Dwell Time

Email Click-through rates (CTR) and Dwell Time (the duration spent by the user on the website) are two of the vital aspects of SEO that would prove to be prime factors this year. Both of these metrics will show possible insights as to whether the users have been satisfied with the overall experience offered here.

The total time spent by the user on the website would determine if the said user would be interested in availing of the products or services in the future or not. How much detailing and time has been spent on making the website fool-proof and as much concise as possible is something that would also make these metrics quite important.

8. Quality Of The Content

Quality content is something that is very vital in the case you don’t want to get flashy with the videos on the website. Creating that kind of content would drive enough amount of traffic to your website and it is still considered to be one of the most effective strategies and it would still be there in 2020.

Clients would be looking out for content that is clear, concise and never out of place. Even Google tends to provide rewards to those organizations who follow the protocols of quality content. If there are any queries with respect to services or products, users would go to your website for possible answers. This is also where content plays an important role.

9. Great Digital Experiences Demanded By Users

Even though you have great content helming your website, if your website does not load up quicker than usual, then it is all for nothing. It is important that the total loading amount of time required for a conventional website must be less than one second. Anything worse than the one second will prove to be very disastrous and you can even lose clients this way.

It is important that companies also focus on improving the digital experience considerably. Navigations and entire user experience must be picture-perfect if you want to stay on top of the competition.

10. Length Of The Content

Quality content is one thing which can improve the traffic of your website, true enough. Also, it is important that the content is optimally big as well because the users would prefer to have all the information present on the website rather than having to contact you via customer support or online chats.

There have been reports that articles and material that are over 2000 words or so tend to generate more hits amongst the users. This is something that should be considered in the times to come.


As we have seen above, SEO is one of the most advanced levels of marketing that is still going strong even after all these years. In the coming years, we will also have artificial intelligence in digital marketing and multiple other trends that would prove to be very beneficial for the industry as a whole. The strategies mentioned above should positively assist companies in having a solid plan of action for 2020.




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